Monday, July 5, 2010


I am so in love
In love with Joy
In love with happiness
In love with anger
In love with frustration
In love with Tears
In love with Me.

I love love
love is fruitful
Love is Kind
Love is Motivating
Love is Comforting
Love is love

I hate Love
Love is painful
Love is heartbreaking
Love is deadly
Love is poisonous
Love is Evil

Hey stop it
Love is like what
I don't know
All I know is Love is Love
so say all you want
But I know Love is
and I love love
I love me & you


AkuChumel said...

yu yu.....for is
L : for the way that you look at me
O : is for the only one i see
V : is very very extraordinary
E : is even more than anyone that you adore can..hee

i romantik siakkkk...hahaha

laila azua said...

jiwang nyer iqa nie erk..huhuh..
cam kenal jew ayat tue...hak3...
tapi dimana yer???

AkuChumel said...

haha baru tau kah sy mcm tu..?x jiwang. romantikooo..hee :P
tah tah...

laila azua said...

huhuhuh...romantik + jiwang = dak chumel...

AkuChumel said...


laila azua said...

tol la tu kn??...
ske sngt sembuyi kn perasaan di ati...hik3...